Raleigh, NC

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the Age Divisions?
A: Sub-Bantam (6-8), Bantam (9-10), Midget (11-12), Youth (13-14), Intermediate (15-16) and Young Men/Young Women (17-18)

Q: What determines what age division my child is in?
A: The year of his or her birth.

Q: How many coaches does the team have?
A: Three.  Our coaches specialize in a variety of technical events: hurdles, jumps and sprints.  If there is an athlete that needs training in a particular discipline we will make arrangements for qualified training in that area.

Q: How large is the team?  
A: Typically between 15-30 members

Q: Does the Hurdles First Track Club have a Cross Country team?
A: We do not compete as a club in Cross Country.


Q: How can I sign my child up for the team?
A: Registration Day, the first day of practice, or any practice. See our Calendar & Schedule

Q: My athlete is on a middle school or high school team. When should they join the team?
A: They can practice with us when the season begins.  The High School athletes can compete as
their schedule permits, until after their High School season ends.

Q: What is the youngest age to join the team?
A: Typically age 10, although occasionally as young as eight or nine if an older sibling participates.

Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: $150 for the first member of a family (this includes practices and participation in the NC Association meet, plus team uniforms. This does not include registration fees for developmental meets, travel or lodging expenses). Membership in USA Track & Field Association, currently $20.00, is also included.

Q: Is there a discount for more than one family member joining the team?
A: Registration fees for additional family members are $100/athlete, and include USATF membership ($20).

Q: What if my child does not want to compete in meets but only practice?
A: The most important association with the club is the participation in practice sessions. This is where competencies are developed.  Meets serve as a test validation of the training.   


Q:What if my child does not want to compete in meets but only practice?
A: Weekend skills practices begin in October of each year.

Q: When are practices?
A: For winter practice, Saturdays @ 12:00 PM at Sanderson High School Track. Practice days for spring track will be announced at the beginning of each season.

Q: What if it is raining?
A: There is always practice, even if it is raining at your home. Practice will be stopped in the event of lightning at the practice facility.

Q: What does my athlete need to bring to practice?
A: Water bottle or sports drink, proper running shoes (no street, basketball, football or soccer shoes), running shorts, warm-ups (always even when its warm).

Q: Is attendance at practice mandatory?
A: No, attendance is taken to follow the athletes progress, but not mandatory. Athletes are encouraged to be at practice as often as possible if they wish to improve.


Q: How many meets are there?
A: Please see this year's schedule.

Q: How does my athlete qualify for a meet?  
A: All meets prior to the NC Association meet are developmental and all athletes automatically qualify to compete unless the meet has established qualifying entry standards.  There are a few meets where there will be qualifying standards to enter.  Athletes who can qualify for these meets, will be identified to determine their interest.

Q: What if my athlete misses a meet?
A: They will be allowed to compete in all meets during the season, except for the above mentioned qualifying meets; however, there registration and associated fees paid for missed meets will not be refunded.

Q: How many events may my athlete compete in?  
A: Sub Bantam, Bantam & Midget (3 events), Youth, Intermediate & Young Men/Young Women (4 events). Relay participation counts as an event.

Q: What is the Regional Meet?  
A: Qualifying athletes from the State (or Association) Meets in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia,